• ■鎌倉あきもと / KAMAKURA AKIMOTO



    設計・デザイン:wacca architects
    施工:株式会社セゾン / 写真:Kenta Hasegawa | OFP

    Renovation of pickles store in ancient city Kamakura. Eggplant which is the representative of pickles, the eggplant color which is also the base of space is the traditional Japanese color. Based on elegant color of eggplant purple, straight grain Furniture made with elm wood accented has become a design that makes the horizontal line strongly conscious. The horizontal line prepares a flow line in such a way as to catch the flow of people along "Wakamiya OJI" which continues from "NinoTorii" to "Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine", and has continuity between separate fixtures. Also, because the fixture is movable, the layout can be changed freely depending on the application. Square light type floating lighting is aligned with the horizontal line, with emphasis on furniture and materials as well. The commodity storage section is modularized with squares of dimensions matching the package and the surface is composed with the colors of pickles arranged in order. By using elements deeply familiar to us Japanese from ancient times in texture, color, form without using direct expression of sum, it will become familiar with the scenery of the ancient capital while making it a contemporary design I was conscious.